Who We Are

What kind of church are we?

Sovereign Grace Baptist Church is committed to Baptist principles and practices such as are expressed in various historic Baptist Confessions (Second London Confession, Philadelphia Confession, New Hampshire Confession).

While we appreciate and love the Baptist confessions of faith, we are not “strict subscriptionists.”  In other words, we use the confessions as a guide only, not as instruments to bind the church or the believer’s conscience.  

We are committed to what are commonly called the Doctrines of Grace.  This means that we believe salvation is entirely of God and entirely by grace.  Please see our Statement of Faith or one of the Confessions mentioned above for more details.  Additionally, we are committed to what are referred to as the “solas” (alones) of the Reformation:  Sola Fide - faith alone, Sola Gratia - grace alone, Solus Christus - Christ alone, Sola Scriptura - scripture alone, Soli Deo Gloria - to the glory of God alone.

In worship we are Christ-focused and Word-centered.  Our music is a blend of traditional hymns and conservative contemporary Christian songs.  Our preaching is expository.  Our weekly pattern for the gathered church is to read the Word, pray the Word, sing the Word, and preach the Word.  Our passion is to see God glorified in our hearts, our homes, our church, and our world.

Sovereign Grace Baptist Church | Enid, Oklahoma USA